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Dr. Jeelan Moghraby

Dr. Jeelan Moghraby


Jeelan Moghraby

MondoScience was founded by Dr. Jeelan Moghraby, B.Sc., D.Phil, MBA. Jeelan has extensive experience in the biological sciences.

She graduated from the University of Sussex, UK, with a B.Sc, in Molecular Genetics and a D.Phil in Biochemistry. Her career has taken her from MIT in the USA, to the University of Sheffield in the UK, as well as a University in the Middle East. She has taught students of various abilities as well as those for whom English is not the first language.

Her approach to teaching science has developed over the years leading her to build the Advanced Science Learners (ASL) method. You will find that this method is effective in improving your understanding of science in a focused and efficient manner that has helped her students succeed over the years, and be able to apply this knowledge to other aspects of their lives.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

Florin Tampau

Florin has a degree in Engineering and an MBA with 10 years in the ICT industry. He has experience in both technical and business areas: Strategy, Business and Sales Operations, Product and Service Development, Pre-sales and Innovation programs.

At MondoScience he is involved in strategy, pricing, marketing, technical implementation, market launch as well as supporting Jeelan with all that is needed to make MondoScience a great place to learn science.

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